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webmail_send.php File Reference

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const IN_PEEL_ADMIN true
 $form_error_object = new FormError()
if(!empty($_REQUEST['id_webmail'])) if(!empty($_REQUEST['id_utilisateur'])) if(!empty($_REQUEST['user_ids'])) if(!isset($_GET['email_all_hash'])) else
 switch (vb($_REQUEST['mode']))

Variable Documentation

$form_error_object = new FormError()

Definition at line 21 of file webmail_send.php.


Definition at line 19 of file webmail_send.php.

if (!empty($_REQUEST['id_webmail'])) if (!empty($_REQUEST['id_utilisateur'])) if (!empty($_REQUEST['user_ids'])) if (!isset($_GET['email_all_hash'])) else
Initial value:
$_GET['email_all_hash'] = $_GET['email_all_hash']

Definition at line 36 of file webmail_send.php.

const IN_PEEL_ADMIN true

Definition at line 14 of file webmail_send.php.


Definition at line 41 of file webmail_send.php.

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