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modifier.truncate.php File Reference

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 Smarty plugin to format text blocks.


 smarty_modifier_truncate ($string, $length=80, $etc= '...', $break_words=false, $middle=false)
 Smarty truncate modifier plugin. More...

Function Documentation

smarty_modifier_truncate (   $string,
  $length = 80,
  $etc = '...',
  $break_words = false,
  $middle = false 

Smarty truncate modifier plugin.

Type: modifier
Name: truncate
Purpose: Truncate a string to a certain length if necessary, optionally splitting in the middle of a word, and appending the $etc string or inserting $etc into the middle.

truncate (Smarty online manual) Monte Ohrt

string$stringinput string
integer$lengthlength of truncated text
string$etcend string
boolean$break_wordstruncate at word boundary
boolean$middletruncate in the middle of text
string truncated string

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