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list_admin_actions.php File Reference

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 affiche_list_admin_action ($frm=null, $return_mode=false)
 Affiche la liste des actions de moderation. More...
 delete_admin_action ($action_id)
 Fonction permettant de supprimer une action en fonction de son id. More...


const IN_PEEL_ADMIN true
 $id = intval(vn($_REQUEST['id']))
if(!isset($form_error_object)) switch (vb($_REQUEST['mode']))

Function Documentation

affiche_list_admin_action (   $frm = null,
  $return_mode = false 

Affiche la liste des actions de moderation.

array$frmArray with all fields data

Definition at line 56 of file list_admin_actions.php.

delete_admin_action (   $action_id)

Fonction permettant de supprimer une action en fonction de son id.


Definition at line 251 of file list_admin_actions.php.

Variable Documentation


Definition at line 19 of file list_admin_actions.php.

$id = intval(vn($_REQUEST['id']))

Definition at line 22 of file list_admin_actions.php.

const IN_PEEL_ADMIN true

Definition at line 14 of file list_admin_actions.php.

if (!isset($form_error_object)) switch(vb($_REQUEST['mode']))

Definition at line 28 of file list_admin_actions.php.

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