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function.mailto.php File Reference

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 Smarty plugin to format text blocks.


 smarty_function_mailto ($params, $template)
 Smarty {mailto} function plugin. More...

Function Documentation

smarty_function_mailto (   $params,

Smarty {mailto} function plugin.

Type: function
Name: mailto
Date: May 21, 2002 Purpose: automate mailto address link creation, and optionally encode them.

  • address - (required) - e-mail address
  • text - (optional) - text to display, default is address
  • encode - (optional) - can be one of: * none : no encoding (default) * javascript : encode with javascript * javascript_charcode : encode with javascript charcode * hex : encode with hexidecimal (no javascript)
  • cc - (optional) - address(es) to carbon copy
  • bcc - (optional) - address(es) to blind carbon copy
  • subject - (optional) - e-mail subject
  • newsgroups - (optional) - newsgroup(s) to post to
  • followupto - (optional) - address(es) to follow up to
  • extra - (optional) - extra tags for the href link Examples:
    {mailto address=""}
    {mailto address="" encode="javascript"}
    {mailto address="" encode="hex"}
    {mailto address="" subject="Hello to you!"}
    {mailto address="" cc=","}
    {mailto address="" extra='class="mailto"'}
         (Smarty online manual)
 Monte Ohrt 

credits to Jason Sweat (added cc, bcc and subject functionality)
Smarty_Internal_Template$templatetemplate object

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