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function.html_options.php File Reference

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 Smarty plugin to format text blocks.


 smarty_function_html_options ($params, $template)
 Smarty {html_options} function plugin. More...
 smarty_function_html_options_optoutput ($key, $value, $selected, $id, $class, &$idx)
 smarty_function_html_options_optgroup ($key, $values, $selected, $id, $class, &$idx)

Function Documentation

smarty_function_html_options (   $params,

Smarty {html_options} function plugin.

Type: function
Name: html_options
Purpose: Prints the list of <option> tags generated from the passed parameters

  • name (optional) - string default "select"
  • values (required) - if no options supplied) - array
  • options (required) - if no values supplied) - associative array
  • selected (optional) - string default not set
  • output (required) - if not options supplied) - array
  • id (optional) - string default not set
  • class (optional) - string default not set
     (Smarty online manual)
 Monte Ohrt  

Ralf Strehle (minor optimization) <ralf dot="" strehle="" at="" yahoo="" dot="" de>="">
Smarty_Internal_Template$templatetemplate object
string smarty_function_escape_special_chars()

Definition at line 36 of file function.html_options.php.

smarty_function_html_options_optgroup (   $key,

Definition at line 183 of file function.html_options.php.

smarty_function_html_options_optoutput (   $key,

Definition at line 149 of file function.html_options.php.

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