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database_email_template_cat_eo.php File Reference

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if(!defined("IN_PEEL")) $peel_email_template_cat ["name"]

Variable Documentation

if (!defined("IN_PEEL")) $peel_email_template_cat["name"]
Initial value:
= array(
"automatic_sending" => "Aŭtomataj sendoj",
"various" => "Diversa",
"product" => "Vara",
"sales" => "Komerca",
"site_and_clients_information" => "Informoj pri retejoj, klientoj, kontoj",
"payment_modes" => "Pag-maniero",
"newsletter" => "Novaĵ-bulteno"

Definition at line 22 of file database_email_template_cat_eo.php.

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