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if(!empty($_GET['code_facture'])&&!empty($_GET['mode'])&&in_array($_GET['mode'], array('standard', 'facture', 'bdc', 'proforma', 'devis'))&&!is_user_bot()) else

Variable Documentation

if (!empty($_GET['code_facture'])&&!empty($_GET['mode'])&&in_array($_GET['mode'], array('standard', 'facture', 'bdc', 'proforma', 'devis'))&&!is_user_bot()) else
Initial value:
redirect_and_die(get_url('/'), true)
redirect_and_die($url, $permanent_redirection=false, $avoid_loop=false)
Redirige vers l'URL demandĂ©e et arrĂȘte le programme.
Definition: fonctions.php:1551

Definition at line 28 of file commande_pdf.php.

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