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Static Public Member Functions
Smarty_Internal_Nocache_Insert Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static compile ($_function, $_attr, $_template, $_script, $_assign=null)
 Compiles code for the {insert} tag into cache file. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file smarty_internal_nocache_insert.php.

Member Function Documentation

static compile (   $_function,
  $_assign = null 

Compiles code for the {insert} tag into cache file.

string$_functioninsert function name
array$_attrarray with parameter
Smarty_Internal_Template$_templatetemplate object
string$_scriptscript name to load or 'null'
string$_assignoptional variable name
string compiled code

Definition at line 30 of file smarty_internal_nocache_insert.php.

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