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Smarty_Internal_Compile_Eval Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Smarty_Internal_Compile_Eval:

Public Member Functions

 compile ($args, $compiler)
 Compiles code for the {eval} tag. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Smarty_Internal_CompileBase
 getAttributes ($compiler, $attributes)
 This function checks if the attributes passed are valid. More...
 openTag ($compiler, $openTag, $data=null)
 Push opening tag name on stack. More...
 closeTag ($compiler, $expectedTag)
 Pop closing tag. More...

Data Fields

 $required_attributes = array('var')
 $optional_attributes = array('assign')
 $shorttag_order = array('var','assign')
- Data Fields inherited from Smarty_Internal_CompileBase
 $required_attributes = array()
 $optional_attributes = array()
 $shorttag_order = array()
 $option_flags = array('nocache')

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

compile (   $args,

Compiles code for the {eval} tag.

array$argsarray with attributes from parser
object$compilercompiler object
string compiled code

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Field Documentation

$optional_attributes = array('assign')

Definition at line 33 of file smarty_internal_compile_eval.php.

$required_attributes = array('var')

Definition at line 26 of file smarty_internal_compile_eval.php.

$shorttag_order = array('var','assign')

Definition at line 40 of file smarty_internal_compile_eval.php.

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