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Minify_CSS Class Reference

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static minify ($css, $options=array())
 Minify a CSS string. More...

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static minify (   $css,
  $options = array() 

Minify a CSS string.

array$optionsavailable options:

'preserveComments': (default true) multi-line comments that begin with "/*!" will be preserved with newlines before and after to enhance readability.

'removeCharsets': (default true) remove all at-rules

'prependRelativePath': (default null) if given, this string will be prepended to all relative URIs in import/url declarations

'currentDir': (default null) if given, this is assumed to be the directory of the current CSS file. Using this, minify will rewrite all relative URIs in import/url declarations to correctly point to the desired files. For this to work, the files must exist and be visible by the PHP process.

'symlinks': (default = array()) If the CSS file is stored in a symlink-ed directory, provide an array of link paths to target paths, where the link paths are within the document root. Because paths need to be normalized for this to work, use "//" to substitute the doc root in the link paths (the array keys). E.g.: array('//symlink' => '/real/target/path') // unix array('//static' => 'D:\staticStorage') // Windows

'docRoot': (default = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) see Minify_CSS_UriRewriter::rewrite


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