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block.textformat.php File Reference

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 Smarty plugin to format text blocks.


 smarty_block_textformat ($params, $content, $template, &$repeat)
 Smarty {textformat}{/textformat} block plugin. More...

Function Documentation

smarty_block_textformat (   $params,

Smarty {textformat}{/textformat} block plugin.

Type: block function
Name: textformat
Purpose: format text a certain way with preset styles or custom wrap/indent settings

  • style - string (email)
  • indent - integer (0)
  • wrap - integer (80)
  • wrap_char - string ("\n")
  • indent_char - string (" ")
  • wrap_boundary - boolean (true)
      (Smarty online manual)
 array                    $params   parameters
 string                   $content  contents of the block
 Smarty_Internal_Template $template template object
 boolean                  &$repeat  repeat flag
 string content re-formatted
 Monte Ohrt 

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