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bas.php File Reference

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if(!defined('IN_PEEL')) $tpl = $GLOBALS['tplEngine']->createTemplate('bas.tpl')
 $end_javascript = ''
if(function_exists('get_footer_bottom')) else

Variable Documentation

$end_javascript = ''

Definition at line 56 of file bas.php.

if (!defined('IN_PEEL')) $tpl = $GLOBALS['tplEngine']->createTemplate('bas.tpl')

Definition at line 18 of file bas.php.

if (function_exists('get_footer_bottom')) else
Initial value:
$footer_bottom = vb($GLOBALS['site_parameters']['footer_bottom'])
vb(&$var, $default=null)
Variable blanche if $var n'est pas défini, retourne $default, sinon retourne $var.
Definition: format.php:97

Definition at line 86 of file bas.php.

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