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bannerHit.php File Reference

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const LOAD_NO_OPTIONAL_MODULE (!isset($_GET['id'])) true
 $q = query($sql)

Variable Documentation

$q = query($sql)

Definition at line 30 of file bannerHit.php.

Initial value:
= 'SELECT lien
FROM peel_banniere
WHERE id="' . intval($_GET['id']) . '" AND ' . get_filter_site_cond('banniere')
get_filter_site_cond($table_technical_code, $table_alias=null, $use_strict_rights_if_in_admin=false, $specific_site_id=null, $exclude_public_items=false, $admin_force_multisite_if_allowed=false)
Retourne la condition SQL permettant de filtrer les données pour une table.
Definition: fonctions.php:4643

Definition at line 27 of file bannerHit.php.

const LOAD_NO_OPTIONAL_MODULE(!isset($_GET['id'])) true

Definition at line 18 of file bannerHit.php.

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