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avis.php File Reference

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 if (defined('IN_PEEL'))
const IN_DONNEZ_AVIS (!est_identifie()) true
 $frm = $_POST
 $frm ['langue'] = $_SESSION['session_langue']
 $form_error_object = new FormError()
if(!empty($_GET['prodid'])) elseif(!empty($_GET['ref'])) elseif(!empty($_GET['id'])) else
 $ad_owner_opinion = false

Variable Documentation

$ad_owner_opinion = false

Definition at line 52 of file avis.php.

$form_error_object = new FormError()

Definition at line 36 of file avis.php.

$frm = $_POST

Definition at line 33 of file avis.php.

$frm['langue'] = $_SESSION['session_langue']

Definition at line 35 of file avis.php.

if (!empty($_GET['prodid'])) elseif (!empty($_GET['ref'])) elseif (!empty($_GET['id'])) else
Initial value:
$id = null
Definition: articles.php:22

Definition at line 49 of file avis.php.

if (vb($type)== 'annonce'&&$annonce_object->id_utilisateur==vn($_SESSION['session_utilisateur']['id_utilisateur'])) if(check_if_module_active('avis')&&!empty($id))

Definition at line 14 of file avis.php.

const IN_DONNEZ_AVIS(!est_identifie()) true

Definition at line 30 of file avis.php.

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