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Smarty.class.php File Reference

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Data Structures

class  Smarty
class  SmartyException
class  SmartyCompilerException


 Smarty plugin to format text blocks.


 smartyAutoload ($class)
 Autoloader. More...


if(!defined('DS')) if(!defined('SMARTY_DIR')) if(!defined('SMARTY_SYSPLUGINS_DIR')) if(!defined('SMARTY_PLUGINS_DIR')) if(!defined('SMARTY_MBSTRING')) if(!defined('SMARTY_RESOURCE_CHAR_SET')) if(!defined('SMARTY_RESOURCE_DATE_FORMAT')) if(!defined('SMARTY_SPL_AUTOLOAD')) if(SMARTY_SPL_AUTOLOAD &&set_include_path(get_include_path().PATH_SEPARATOR.SMARTY_SYSPLUGINS_DIR)!==false) else
 define shorthand directory separator constant More...

Function Documentation

smartyAutoload (   $class)


Definition at line 1512 of file Smarty.class.php.

Variable Documentation

if (!defined('DS')) if (!defined('SMARTY_DIR')) if (!defined('SMARTY_SYSPLUGINS_DIR')) if (!defined('SMARTY_PLUGINS_DIR')) if (!defined('SMARTY_MBSTRING')) if (!defined('SMARTY_RESOURCE_CHAR_SET')) if (!defined('SMARTY_RESOURCE_DATE_FORMAT')) if (!defined('SMARTY_SPL_AUTOLOAD')) if (SMARTY_SPL_AUTOLOAD &&set_include_path(get_include_path().PATH_SEPARATOR.SMARTY_SYSPLUGINS_DIR)!==false) else
Initial value:

define shorthand directory separator constant

set SMARTY_DIR to absolute path to Smarty library files. Sets SMARTY_DIR only if user application has not already defined it. set SMARTY_SYSPLUGINS_DIR to absolute path to Smarty internal plugins. Sets SMARTY_SYSPLUGINS_DIR only if user application has not already defined it. register the class autoloader

Definition at line 88 of file Smarty.class.php.

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