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SimplePie_Core Class Reference
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- Public Member Functions inherited from SimplePie
 __construct ()
 __toString ()
 __destruct ()
 force_feed ($enable=false)
 set_feed_url ($url)
 set_file (&$file)
 set_raw_data ($data)
 set_timeout ($timeout=10)
 force_fsockopen ($enable=false)
 enable_cache ($enable=true)
 set_cache_duration ($seconds=3600)
 set_autodiscovery_cache_duration ($seconds=604800)
 set_cache_location ($location= './cache')
 enable_order_by_date ($enable=true)
 set_input_encoding ($encoding=false)
 set_autodiscovery_level ($level=SIMPLEPIE_LOCATOR_ALL)
get_registry ()
 set_cache_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Cache')
 set_locator_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Locator')
 set_parser_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Parser')
 set_file_class ($class= 'SimplePie_File')
 set_sanitize_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Sanitize')
 set_item_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Item')
 set_author_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Author')
 set_category_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Category')
 set_enclosure_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Enclosure')
 set_caption_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Caption')
 set_copyright_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Copyright')
 set_credit_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Credit')
 set_rating_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Rating')
 set_restriction_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Restriction')
 set_content_type_sniffer_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Content_Type_Sniffer')
 set_source_class ($class= 'SimplePie_Source')
 set_useragent ($ua=SIMPLEPIE_USERAGENT)
 set_cache_name_function ($function= 'md5')
 set_stupidly_fast ($set=false)
 set_max_checked_feeds ($max=10)
 remove_div ($enable=true)
 strip_htmltags ($tags= '', $encode=null)
 encode_instead_of_strip ($enable=true)
 strip_attributes ($attribs= '')
 set_output_encoding ($encoding= 'UTF-8')
 strip_comments ($strip=false)
 set_url_replacements ($element_attribute=null)
 set_image_handler ($page=false, $qs= 'i')
 set_item_limit ($limit=0)
 init ()
 error ()
 get_raw_data ()
 get_encoding ()
 handle_content_type ($mime= 'text/html')
 get_type ()
 subscribe_url ()
 get_feed_tags ($namespace, $tag)
 get_channel_tags ($namespace, $tag)
 get_image_tags ($namespace, $tag)
 get_base ($element=array())
 sanitize ($data, $type, $base= '')
 get_title ()
 get_category ($key=0)
 get_categories ()
 get_author ($key=0)
 get_authors ()
 get_contributor ($key=0)
 get_contributors ()
 get_link ($key=0, $rel= 'alternate')
 get_permalink ()
 get_links ($rel= 'alternate')
 get_all_discovered_feeds ()
 get_description ()
 get_copyright ()
 get_language ()
 get_latitude ()
 get_longitude ()
 get_image_title ()
 get_image_url ()
 get_image_link ()
 get_image_width ()
 get_image_height ()
 get_item_quantity ($max=0)
 get_item ($key=0)
 get_items ($start=0, $end=0)
 set_favicon_handler ($page=false, $qs= 'i')
 get_favicon ()
 __call ($method, $args)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SimplePie
static sort_items ($a, $b)
static merge_items ($urls, $start=0, $end=0, $limit=0)
- Data Fields inherited from SimplePie
 $data = array()
 $timeout = 10
 $force_fsockopen = false
 $force_feed = false
 $cache = true
 $cache_duration = 3600
 $autodiscovery_cache_duration = 604800
 $cache_location = './cache'
 $cache_name_function = 'md5'
 $order_by_date = true
 $input_encoding = false
 $autodiscovery = SIMPLEPIE_LOCATOR_ALL
 $max_checked_feeds = 10
 $all_discovered_feeds = array()
 $image_handler = ''
 $multifeed_url = array()
 $multifeed_objects = array()
 $config_settings = null
 $item_limit = 0
 $strip_attributes = array('bgsound', 'class', 'expr', 'id', 'style', 'onclick', 'onerror', 'onfinish', 'onmouseover', 'onmouseout', 'onfocus', 'onblur', 'lowsrc', 'dynsrc')
 $strip_htmltags = array('base', 'blink', 'body', 'doctype', 'embed', 'font', 'form', 'frame', 'frameset', 'html', 'iframe', 'input', 'marquee', 'meta', 'noscript', 'object', 'param', 'script', 'style')
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SimplePie
 fetch_data (&$cache)

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